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Report: Many Medications Safe While Breastfeeding
Samantha Dym - August 31, 2013

According to a panel of pediatricians, and despite what may have been preached in the past, many medications can be used safely by women who are breastfeeding. The panel says that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh most harms related to babies’ exposure to the medications. The clinical report, released by the American Academy of Pediatrics… Read more »

Top Five Bedtime Songs
Samantha Dym - July 30, 2013

It’s late… and your baby won’t go to sleep. You’ve exhausted every option out there (feeding, rocking, and changing). You may even have a colicky baby who cries uncontrollably for hours. You feel terrible and you don’t know how to soothe him/ her. Why not try singing to your baby? It can be a great… Read more »

Colicky Baby
Colic and Childhood Migraines… Is there a connection?
Samantha Dym - June 23, 2013

According to a new European study… children who were colicky as infants are more likely to suffer from migraines as they get older. Researchers from Paris Diderot University surveyed parents and checked medical records belonging to children ages six through 18 who visited one of three emergency rooms in 2012. The study included 208 children… Read more »

Kids in the backseat
Multitasking Parents
Samantha Dym - May 6, 2013

Picture this… you’re driving with your child in the car while on the phone, your child screams because the DVD they were watching ended, there’s traffic and you’re trying to get off the phone to put a new DVD on. It’s called multitasking and most moms and dads are guilty of this. Multitasking can sometimes… Read more »

Newborn Baby
Lotus Birth Trend
Samantha Dym - April 12, 2013

After birthing your beautiful new baby boy or girl… the next step is cutting the umbilical cord. However, the Lotus Birth trend is teaching new moms and dads that doing so can be bad for their babies. This means leaving the cord attached to the baby and carrying the connected placenta around in a container… Read more »

Pregnant woman
Managing Expectations For Your Royal Addition
tarink - March 20, 2013

Any expecting parent would be wise to set certain expectations for their baby. Creating a plan can help negate risk and setup a very successful future. This can be a very daunting task. Now throw the royal family in the middle and see what happens! This is what Kate Middleton has to think of with… Read more »

2013: The Year Of The Snake
tarink - January 31, 2013

If you are an expecting mother or have already delivered your baby in 2013, here are some fun facts about your baby born in the year of the Snake. In Chinese Astrology, the Animal is matched with one of 5 cosmic elements. This year, the Snake has been matched with Water. The water sign is… Read more »

clair danes post baby body
Claire Danes Post-Baby Body Secrets
tarink - January 18, 2013

Claire Danes showed off her slim post-baby body at the Golden Globes, only 1 month after giving birth. It can be very difficult to stay active while you’re pregnant and even more challenging after your little one comes home, especially if they are colicky. These may seem easy, but making a full commitment can be… Read more »

Happy New Year Baby! 3 New Year’s Resolutions To Live By
tarink - January 4, 2013

Just before the New Year celebrations, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that they are expecting a new bundle of joy in 2013. They are very excited about the new addition to their family and are looking forward to being brand new parents, as they should be! However, we all know there is a huge… Read more »

baby with infant reflux
Infant Reflux Symptoms & Treatments
Holly K - December 27, 2012

Wondering if your baby’s spitting up is a problem? This article outlines common symptoms of infant reflux, and natural treatments that will help you deal with the symptoms. … Read more »